An Ordinary Earth Angel – Audio Book Podcast

An Ordinary Earth Angel – Audio Book Podcast




An Ordinary Earth Angel With Extraordinary Gifts

This is an autobiographical documentary performance journey audio/video production on the life of Countess Nadia Starella Alexandria. It is a fascinating unique look at both the incredible existence and philosophies of a clairvoyant, bodhisattva, scientist, author, minister, raconteur, musician, composer, costume designer, comedienne, psychologist, artist, actress, international tv/radio personality, master statistician, classic film historian, bon vivant.

There are excerpts from the family dynasty, travels, past lives, secrets held nowhere else on earth connected to DNA programming, health, success, happiness, prosperity bliss. it may be one of the first of its kind as it embodies the live performance of the creator as well as the metaphysical messages from spirits and masters throughout history.

May all who read it realize their dreams, know there are others on exploratory journeys, just like them who can lead them to self-realization.

Sincerely, Countess Nadia Starella Alexandria


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