DNA replicates according to active components found in the cell

Whatever occurs in our reality, we can choose how to react and the energy! 

How can the discovery of the spiraling double helix by Watson and Crick using Rosalind Franklin’s amazing DNA photos give us command, even sovereignty over our lives? The DNA replicates according to the active components found in the cell. We provide these components depending upon what we eat, drink, think, speak and chose to infuse and saturate our being with. Whatever occurs in our reality, we can choose how to react and the energy, emotions and feelings we choose in this moment, regardless of what’s happening, determine the next moments of our lives.

Because the DNA replicate over 500 trillion times per second, the external manifestation depends upon our thoughts, what we ingest and our vibration. Think of it as a garden. The seed is the seed is the seed. How we water and fertilize, weed and care for the garden determines what fruits it bears. The garden of your being is completely within your domain.
True, your genes are your genes. What you do in the cellular domain determines the health, the happiness, the prosperity, the well being of who you are. Remember, before every thought you think, every action you do, every word you speak, every emotion you feel, there is an unspoken phrase, “I am creating more of the following.” If you do not want more of what you are speaking about, feeling, thinking, supplying your organs with, then pause. Restructure that thought, that word, that meal, that frequency, until it reflects, what you do want to perpetuate and prolong in this NOW.
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Orchestrating the Symphony of Our Cells
Is like having a luminous Blue Orchid which can only be obtained from an extremely high mountaintop in a very remote, precipitous area. When you get home with it, everyone loves it! It’s dazzling! There’s not one in the world like it... this book brings you the means for obtaining all the ‘Blue Orchids’ you could ever desire.
Orchestrating the Symphony of Our Cells is a breakthrough linking spirituality and science.  Legendary Teacher, Master Communicator, Inventor, Visionary, the Author, who wishes to remain Anonymous, has dedicated 36 years of research, global travel and exploration of the “unknown” to unravel the great mysteries of existence revealed now for the first time. 

Through stories and personal reflection, the Author teaches you easy-to-implement, specific techniques and methods for greatly influencing the actual components our DNA use for replicating trillions of times every second. DNA-the alpha and omega, learn what is within our conscious command.  All of the solutions to any situation exists in our holographic mind - access is through 
“The Dawn Key-Ho-Te Claim.”


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